Northern Lights Reindeer Safari in Porovaara Hill, Rovaniemi

What would be a more memorable way to search for the magical northern lights, than riding comfortably through the peaceful, snowy forest on a reindeer sleigh, covered in warm reindeer hides?

To reach our destination – a hill called Porovaara Hill – we will drive about 20 kilometers south of Rovaniemi. Once we arrive, all you need to do is to hop on a sleigh and unwind on a 3-kilometer-long reindeer sleigh ride through the dark, wintery wilderness. Perhaps you will already get a glimpse of the enchanting aurora borealis as well! After the relaxing safari we head to a warm, cozy Lappish hut to grill some sausages and to enjoy hot juice by an open fire. Right next to the Lappish hut there is an outdoor terrace with an amazing panoramic view towards the northern sky, where also the northern lights mainly occur. Due to this and Porovaara’s remoteness from the city this location is ideal for observing the northern lights. To complete the tour we will visit a nearby reindeer fence, where everyone can try and feed the reindeer some lichen – one of their favorite snacks!

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