Reindeer rides of 400 & 1000 m in Santa's Village: NO reservation needed

Have unforgettable experiences with Santa's reindeer in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi WITHOUT A PREBOOKING. Reindeer rides are available at the Arctic Circle in winter.

Winter Adventure – a Longer Reindeer Ride of 3 km in Santa Claus Village

Join our longest reindeer ride in Santa Claus Village: the magical Winter Adventure. This 3 km long reindeer sleigh ride takes you through a deep, snowy forest, where you can not only admire the beauty of the Lappish nature.

Northern Lights Safaris and Trips at Porovaara Hill, Rovaniemi

Porovaara Hill reindeer farm offers optimal conditions for the hunting of the magnificent northern lights. The aurora season starts in mid-August. In winter you can also combine your tour with a night time reindeer safari.

Enjoy Lappish food in Restaurant Kotahovi

Our Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi is a charming lunch restaurant located right in the well-known Santa Claus Village. The main entrance to the restaurant is located inside the Santa Claus Reindeer resort.

Meet Mrs Claus in her House in Santa Claus Village!

What would be a better memory of your lovely meeting with Mrs. Santa Claus than a photo of you and her together? You can meet her in Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas Cottage in Rovaniemi.

NEW: Electric Snowmobile Safaris in Porovaara Hill in Rovaniemi

Our family company offers now also ecological electric snowmobile safaris & excursions in Porovaara Hill in Rovaniemi only 20 min drive from Santa Claus Village & city-centre.

NEW: Private meeting with Santa & his reindeer in Porovaara Hill in Rovaniemi

Meet Santa Claus and his reindeer at our private Porovaara Hill resort, a place that is very special to them. The unique Porovaara Hill is located only some 20 km from Rovaniemi City-centre.

Longer reindeer safari at our private Porovaara Hill resort in Rovaniemi

Leave the hassle of the city behind and join us on a tour to peaceful countryside. To reach our destination we will head 20 km south of Rovaniemi, to Porovaara Hill, where an exciting reindeer safari is waiting for you in our private resort!

Northern Lights hunting with reindeer

What would be a more memorable way to search for the magical Northern Lights, than riding comfortably through the snowy forest on a reindeer sleigh, covered in warm reindeer hides? Our private Porovaara Hill resort, about 20 km south of Rovaniemi, offers this unique oppurtunity!

Reindeer rides, activities and safaris at Santa Claus Village & Porovaara Hill reindeer farm in Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Reindeer resort, a local family company, offers reindeer rides and experiences with Santa’s reindeer in Santa Claus Village all year round. In addition Santa Claus Reindeer resort operates the Porovaara Hill reindeer farm, located at a beautiful and peaceful site south of Rovaniemi.

In winter, we offer reindeer rides at Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle. As a concrete memory of the sleigh ride you can get yourself a reindeer driving license and a certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle. Through pre-booking, we offer northern lights safaris and other longer excursions in the countryside at Porovaara Hill, situated on top of a hill with amazing views. In summer, you can visit Santa’s reindeer at Santa Claus Village and enjoy other summery activities.

Porovaara Hill – amazing reindeer farm in the heart of Lapland

Porovaara Hill is located about 20 km (15 min. drive) south from the centre of Rovaniemi. At Porovaara Hill’s authentic and peaceful Lappish reindeer farm you can enjoy longer reindeer safaris, sledding adventures, aurora excursions and northern light reindeer safaris.