Winter Adventure – a Longer Reindeer Ride in Santa Claus Village

To enjoy the traditional sleigh ride more thoroughly you are warmly welcome to join our longest reindeer ride in Santa Claus Village – the magical Winter Adventure. This 3-kilometer-long reindeer sleigh ride takes you through a deep, snowy forest, where you can not only admire the beauty of the Lappish nature, but also have a possibility to see other reindeer pasturing in the wild, hares, squirrels and other forest animals along the route. After our tour we will grill some sausages and have some hot juice by a nearby campfire while enjoying the enchanting atmosphere of the Santa Claus Village all around us. This tour is ideal for those who want to combine the traditional sleigh ride experience with a day visit to Santa Claus Village. Despite having the thick reindeer hides in the sleighs to keep you warm, we recommend you to wear warm winter clothing, including the beanie, warm gloves and a scarf for your tour.

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