Meet Santa’s Reindeer on Summer Holidays in Lapland

Join us to greet the relaxed reindeer on their well-deserved summer holidays! Every year, after the busy winter season, our beloved Santa Claus takes his reindeer to the countryside pastures, where the reindeer rest, eat well and enjoy the warm summer days. To meet the reindeer we will drive to the beautiful Rovaniemi countryside, approximately 20 kilometers south of the city. When the reindeer hear us arrive they come running to greet us and you will have a chance to feed and pet them, while learning more about them and the reindeer herding tradition from our guide. Afterwards we will also enjoy some snacks by the open fire while enjoying the beauty of the Lappish nature. Due to this tour’s relaxing nature it doesn’t require any physical activity, and is therefore suitable for everyone.

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