Reindeer Rides in Santa Claus Village in Autumn

In the beginning of September, when the weather has cooled down and the reindeer have grown their winter fur, we will start organizing the short, 400-meter-long reindeer rides. Since at this time the permanent snow hasn’t fallen yet, the reindeer rides will be arranged with a wheeled sleigh; this way the lack of snow won’t be a problem. These short rides will run non-stop throughout the day, and do not require prebooking. And as soon as the permanent snow cover falls we will change into traditional sleighs and open the longer reindeer sleigh rides as well. Until then, you are warmly welcome to enjoy the beautiful autumn days on a wheeled sleigh ride!

Duration:                  ~5 min

Available:                 1st of September

Meeting point:        Santa Claus Reindeer resort, Santa Claus Village

AUTUMN SEASON 2023 : 20 € / adult  & 15 € / children