Reindeer Rides in Santa Claus Village in Autumn

We will start the reindeer rides as early as in September in Santa Claus Village. By this time of the year reindeer have grown a new fur, although the first snow may not have fallen yet. We will use a sleigh with wheels underneath, so the lack of snow is not a problem. With a wheeled sleigh the reindeer will be walked, not driven like in winter time. Furthermore, only the shorter rides are available: before the permanent snow arrives, we only offer the 400-meter-long Reindeer Path. As soon as the permanent snow falls we will open the 1 km long Forest Path as well. No booking is needed for these rides.

Available: 1st of September on
Monday-Saturday 10.00 – 16.00

Duration: ~5 min

Adults: 18.00€
Children: 14.00€