Sledding Adventure – own transportation

This activity is made for the travelers driving with own car, and searching for an unique experience!

Our destination is Mount Porovaara, a hill located by the river Kemijoki, just ~20 kilometres south of Rovaniemi city. This is truly one of the most amazing spots for enjoying a perfect winter day!

After you have arrived to our beautiful location, all you need to do is to hop on a sled and enjoy the thrill of speed sledding down the 400-meter hill, admiring the amazing views all around you! During your visit you can cook your own snacks by the open fire, and feed the reindeer some lichen in a nearby fence.

!This tour does not include transportation. Remember to bring your own snacks!

Includes: Sledding gear, guide, visit to a reindeer fence

Available: 7th of January to 15th of April

Duration: ~3 hours

Start time: at 10:00 in Mount Porovaara

Person (3-99 yo): 55.00€
Group (5-10 persons): 270.00€
(min. 5 participants)