Northern lights safaris with reindeer in Mount Porovaara in Rovaniemi Lapland

In the evening, at the best time to see the Aurora Borealis, we organise reindeer safaris. We will pick you up from your accommodation and take you about 20 kilometres out of the Rovaniemi city center (Lapland, Finland) to a place called Mount Porovaara. We will take a reindeer ride of 35 min through the dark and snowy wilderness. The ride will finish at a warm kota (Lappish hut), where you can grill sausage by the open fire and taste some hot juice. Next to the kota there is a terrace, which gives you a perfect view towards North, where the Auroras mainly occur. Besides admiring beautiful landscape you also have a chance to get some perfect pictures of the Northern Lights!

After the reindeer ride and snacks we will visit a fenced area where a big herd of reindeer lives and pastures in the winter. Everyone can try and feed the reindeer some lichen – their favorite food!

Includes: Snacks by the open fire, guide, visit to the reindeer fence, ~35 min reindeer ride, transportation

Available: 15th of November until 15th of April

Duration: ~3 hours

Pick up: at 20:00 from your accommodation in Rovaniemi city center or Santa Claus Village

Adults: 146.00€
Children: 98.00€
(min. 3 participants or minimum amount of 390.00€ )

You can make your reservations below. If you have any questions, please contact us at


VIDEO: Northern Lights safari with Reindeer in Mount Porovaara in Rovaniemi (Lapland, Finland)