Northern Lights Reindeer Safari in Porovaara, Rovaniemi

What would be a nicer way to search for the northern lights than relaxing on a reindeer sleigh ride? We will take you to a hill called Porovaara, located south of Rovaniemi, where the reindeer and sleighs with warm hides will be ready for us. We will take a 3-kilometer-long reindeer ride through the dark, snowy wilderness. The ride finishes at a warm Lappish hut, where we can warm up, grill sausages and enjoy some hot juice. The Lappish hut is located right next to an outdoor terrace with a beautiful view towards the north, where the northern lights mainly occur. Besides admiring the beautiful northern lights, we also have a chance to get some perfect pictures of them! At the end of the tour we will visit a big herd of reindeer that pastures nearby.  In this Northern Lights safari everyone can try and feed the reindeer some lichen – their favorite food!

Includes: Snacks by the open fire, guide, visit to the reindeer fence, ~35 min reindeer ride, transportation

Available: 1st of December until 15th of April
(exception: not arranged from 21st of December to 6th of January)

Duration: ~3 hours

Pick up: at 20:00 from your accommodation in Rovaniemi city center or Santa Claus Village

Adults: 146.00€
Children: 98.00€
(min. 3 participants or minimum amount of 390.00€ )

You can make your reservations below to this aurora safari. If you have any questions, please contact us at

VIDEO: Northern Lights safari with Reindeer in Mount Porovaara in Rovaniemi (Lapland, Finland)