Private meeting with Santa & his reindeer at Porovaara Hill in Rovaniemi

Meet Santa Claus, the smiling and friendly character who delights children and adults around the world. He lives in the snowy north, on Mt. Korvatunturi, where his secret house is located. You can also meet Santa Claus and his reindeer at our private Porovaara Hill resort in Rovaniemi, a place that is very special to them. At the private Porovaara Hill resort, located some 20 km from the Rovaniemi city centre, the reindeer train and play all year round and Santa prepares them for the busy Christmas night.

Your private meeting with Father Christmas is provided by Porovaara Hill resort, a company in our family group. Make your reservation below. If you have any questions or if your group larger than 8 people, please contact us: