Informazioni sull’aurora boreale

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The northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, is a natural phenomenon occurring in the polar region of the northern hemisphere. The southern equivalent is called southern lights or aurora australis.

This magical phenomenon is created when the charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere reach the earth. This solar wind first hits the earth’s magnetic field and is then directed towards the poles, where the magnetic field is weaker. Through the poles some particles of the solar wind reach earth’s atmosphere and react with the oxygen and nitrogen molecules, causing a chemical reaction we see as a magnificent light show.

Due to the northern lights being a natural phenomenon, their activity is very hard to predict accurately. However, by following the weather and northern light forecasts one can partly predict their occurrence. An ideal time and place for the northern lights hunt is a dark, starry night at a remote location without any light pollution, and with an open view towards the north.