Domande frequenti

Siamo situati nel mezzo del villaggio di Babbo Natale, vicino all’ufficio di Babbo Natale, a circa 50 metri dalla piazza principale. L’indirizzo è: Joulumaantie 13, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finlandia.

È possibile raggiungere facilmente il Villaggio di Babbo Natale in taxi o con l’autobus numero 8 dall’aeroporto o dal centro di Rovaniemi.

The 400-meter-long Reindeer Path and 1-kilometer-long Forest Path sleigh rides do not need to be booked in advance. They run nonstop throughout the day within our opening hours. A prebooking is required for the 3-kilometer-long Winter Adventure sleigh ride as well as for the other longer reindeer sleigh rides and winter activities. In the summer season the prebooking is not required for visiting the reindeer fence or pedal go karting track, but the other summer activities should be booked beforehand. The bookings can be made online on our website or by email. The prebooking is required in certain activities to enable us to provide you the best possible experience.

Children’s price is valid for children between the ages 3-12. Under 3-year-olds join our tours free of charge, and children aged 13 years or more are considered as adults in our reservations.

In general you don’t need any special clothing for the reindeer sleigh rides, although we recommend you to wear regular, warm winter outdoor clothing. There are reindeer hides in each sleigh to keep you warm during the ride, but especially for the longer sleigh rides it’s essential to dress warmly. To stay warm it’s very important that your head, shoulders, hands and feet are covered and well protected against the cold.

The best way to keep warm during longer sleigh rides is to wear several layers of clothing: a good combination is for example to wear long underwear (preferably of natural or moist removing materials), woollen mid layer, warm winter outdoor trousers and a jacket. Regular socks topped with woollen socks and winter boots will keep your feet warm and warm mittens or gloves will protect your hands. It is also important to protect your head and neck against the cold by wearing a beanie and a scarf.

Remember that air insulates warmth: therefore, do not wear too small shoes, trousers or gloves. Please pay special attention to children’s clothing, since they are more sensitive to cold than adults!

Transportation is included in the activities organized in Mount Porovaara, our other location a bit south of Rovaniemi. These activities are Daytime Reindeer Safari, Northern Lights Reindeer Safari, Northern Lights Trip, Sledding Adventure, Greet Santa’s Reindeer On Summer Holidays and Fishing Adventure in the Summer. The activities organized in Santa Claus Village do not include transportation.

In September, when the weather has cooled down and the reindeer have grown their winter fur, we will start the short, 400-meter-long reindeer rides. Since this time the permanent snow hasn’t fallen yet, the reindeer rides will be organized with a wheeled sleigh; this way the lack of snow won’t be a problem. As soon as the permanent snow arrives we will change into traditional sleighs and open the longer reindeer sleigh rides as well. The sleigh rides are available throughout the winter season, until the snow starts melting (usually in mid-April). In late spring and in summer the reindeer rides are not available. During this time we offer other reindeer related activities, such as walking with reindeer and visiting a reindeer fence instead.

In winter, in addition to reindeer sleigh rides we organize other outdoor activities, such as sledding, northern lights excursions and Arctic Circle crossing ceremonies. In summer and autumn one can visit the reindeer fence, have a lovely walk with the reindeer and try pedal go karting in Santa Claus Village, meet the reindeer on their summer holidays and participate on a fishing tour, northern lights trip or the Arctic Circle crossing ceremony. We are also happy to hear your special ideas and wishes to see how we can help you to fulfill your dream.

Our tours and services can be booked via our online booking system or by sending us an email at The tours can be paid via our online booking system or on spot by cash and most common credit cards (American Express and Diner’s Club cards are not accepted).

●     If the cancellation is made more than 7 days before the starting time, there will be a free cancellation.

●     If the cancellation is made 7-3 days before the starting time, the cancellation fee is 50%.

●     If the cancellation is made less than 3 days before the starting time, the cancellation fee is 100%.

●     In case of Force Majeure (pandemic, natural disaster) we follow the policies mentioned above.

Both the certificate and the reindeer driving license can be booked in advance via our online booking system or via email, and can be collected from our sales booth in Santa Claus Reindeer resort within its opening hours. Both can also be purchased on spot without a prebooking. These items will not be sent by mail or in any digital form.

Some of our tours require a minimum number of participants before the tour can be organized. However, if you are a solo traveller you can either join the tour that already has confirmed bookings, or make a prebooking and let us inform you when the tour receives other bookings. The tour can also be booked privately with a minimum sum of booking. In any of these situations please contact us via email, and we will help you with your booking!