Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Santa Claus Reindeer resort located?

We are located in the middle of Santa Claus Village, next to Santa Claus Office, about 50 meters from the main square. The street address is: Joulumaantie 13, 96930 Rovaniemi.

You can easily get to Santa Claus Village by taxi or bus number 8 from the airport or city center of Rovaniemi.

Do I need to make a booking?

You don’t need a booking for the 400 meters long “Reindeer Path” or 1000 meters long “Forest Path”. For longer rides and safaris a booking is needed.

How old children get the children price for rides?

Children price is for children between ages 3-12. Under 3-year-olds can take the ride free of charge and older than 12-year-olds are considered as adults for the price.

What kind of clothing and outfit do I need for the ride? How about other gear?

For the shorter rides in Santa Claus village you don’t need any special winter outfit, although we recommend regular warm winter outdoor clothing. However, there are hides covering the sleigh and you while sitting in the sleigh. It is important that you have your head, shoulders and hands covered and protected against the cold.

We request you to pay special attention to children’s clothing, because they tolerate cold less than adults.

Wearing several layers of clothing is a good way to keep yourself warm during the longer rides. Underwear (preferably of natural materials, or moist removing materials), fleece or woolen middle layer and warm winter outdoor trousers and coat are a good combination. To keep your feet warm you can wear socks, woolen socks and winter boots. Wear warm mittens/gloves for your hands and a beanie to keep you head warm. It is important also to cover your neck, so you should wear a scarf. Remember that air insulates warmth – don’t wear too small shoes, trousers or too tight gloves (mittens are preferable).

Are the clothing and transportation included in the price?

Transportation is included in the following experiences: Northern Lights Reindeer safari, Northern Lights safari in the Autumn, Hiking with Reindeer and Visiting Santa’s Reindeer on Summer holidays. Clothing and other outdoor gear are not included in the price, but they can be provided if needed for extra payment.

When are the reindeer rides available during the year?

We start providing the reindeer rides in the autumn before the snow falls with a special sleigh with wheels underneath. When the permanent snow arrives, we will continue the reindeer rides in more traditional methods using a regular sleigh. In the spring time, when the snow melts, we take the wheeled sleigh into use again until the beginning of June. During midsummer the sleigh rides are not possible, because it is too hot for the reindeer and they are shedding their hair.

What kind of experiences do you have other than reindeer rides?

In the wintertime, especially planned for groups, we organise Ceremonies for crossing the Arctic Circle. In the spring, summer and autumn we provide Hiking with reindeer, Visiting Santa’s Reindeer on their summer holidays, Northern Light safaris in the Autumn and Reindeer Herder’s chores. If you have your own idea or special wish please let us know about it, and we will see how we could fulfill your wish.

How can I book for experiences and how do I pay for them?

You can book our services by using the “Contact Us” form on our website or by sending email to

You can pay on the spot by cash or with the most common credit cards (unfortunately we do not accept American Express or Diners Club). > Info > Frequently Asked Questions