Northern Lights trip to Sky Aurora Station in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Late autumn is excellent time to see the Northern Lights, perhaps even better than the winter nights. In the autumn the earth is in such a position to Sun that the “sun wind”, the magnetic radiation from the sun that creates the amazing phenomena of Northern Lights. This solar wind hits Earth’s atmospheres stronger in autumn than in the winter. Therefore, the appearance of Northern Lights is very common and very beautiful in the autumn.

We offer excellent facilities to watch and admire the Aurora Borealis in the autumn. Along the Kemijoki river is located a hill called Porovaara, “Mount Reindeer”. On top of the Porovaara-hill there are beautiful view towards the Northern sky. This place is truly made for viewing the Northern Lights. What would be cosier than sipping some hot juice, having ginger bread cookies and grilling sausage by the fire in the warm Kota or outside while the Northern Lights are dancing on the sky. Because we are in Lapland indeed, the last part of the safari includes feeding a big herd of reindeer that pastures nearby. Don’t forget to take your camera!

– Duration:  3 hours.

– Starting/pick up: 20.00 o‘clock from your accommodation place in Rovaniemi in Finland.

– Prices: 50 € / child & Adults 80 € / person (min. 3 adults or minimum amount of order 210 €)

– Including: snacks by the fire, guide (ENG/FIN), transportation, visit to the reindeer fence.

– Available: 15th of August until 31st April.

You can book your reservations below. If you have questions, please contact us at

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