In wintertime, sometime between December and February, the male reindeer drop their horns, called antlers, and grow new ones over the summer. During that time they are furry and very sensitive.

Visit Santa Claus Reindeer in summer in Santa Claus Village

In summer time, when the ground in not covered by the snow, the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland is also an interesting place.

In summer you can visit our resort Santa Claus Reindeer and meet the reindeer from Monday till Saturday (open between 10 AM. – 4 PM.). You can feed the reindeer and take pictures of them.

Price of visit in summertime: 5 € per person.


Join the Reindeer Herder’s day

This experience includes feeding the reindeer and crossing the Arctic Circle with them. Then you will make a small accessory of your own from traditional materials.  After finishing your souvenir, you will enjoy a lovely salon meal by the fire. The salmon is also cooked by the fire, in traditional Lappish way. This experience lasts about an hour and costs 65 euros per person. > Visit us in summer