Santa´s reindeer on their holidays in Rovaniemi

Call the reindeer to you by whistling!

Meet the friendly reindeer on their summer holidays in Lapland. During the busy wintertime these male reindeer pull  the sleighs for Santa and also take the guests for sleigh ride. Summertime is their holiday. You can call the reindeer to you by whistling and after that you can feed them. Remember to bring your camera so the guide can take a picture of you and the reindeer spending their holidays!

The barbecuing a sausage in an open fire and a juice are included in the excursion.



2 hours

Adults 95 euros/person,
children 40 euros / person (min. 2 adults)

Transportation, a sausage and juice are included in the price. Bring with you: outfit and shoes suitable for outdoors. > Visit Santa’s Reindeer on their holidays