Experience A Reindeer Sleigh Ride in Magical Nature of Lapland – Right At the Backyard of Santa’s House at Arctic Circle!

Here’s a little taste of what it is like to experience our Reindeer Sleigh Ride.

1. See exactly what reindeer looks, smells and sounds like

Reindeers are small, but ”robust” forest animals. They have adapted themselves to Arctic circumstances so they can cope with very small amount of energy. Female reindeers can be easily identified by their small size and small horns. Male reindeers are bigger and have bigger horns.


Intriguing facts about reindeer:

  • Reindeer coat is one of the warmest coat in the world (only polar bears have warmer coat). This is the main reason why reindeers don’t feel cold even when it’s freezing outside (-30 celsius).
  •  Only 10% of the reindeer are purely white – 5 % have blue eyes. Normally reindeer are brown and their eyes are also brown. If you come visit us, you’ll get a chance to see purely white and blue eyed reindeer!
  • Speaking of reindeer’s eyes, they look (and are) pretty weird because their eye color changes depending on the current season. This helps reindeer to see better in different circumstances. However the changing of the colors of reindeer’s eyes is a process that cannot be observed by human eyes as it takes time…
  • When sleigh riding, reindeer drops his small-sized leavings to the route (which looks quite funny!). This is a clever way to reduce extra weight and maximize the speed.
  • Reindeer eat and ADORE lichen (’jäkälä’ in Finnish). It’s like a piece of sausage for a dog. Reindeer have a tremendous sense of smell, they actually smell out lichen from a very long distance!
  • Reindeer hoofs make funny clicking-noises when riding. Hoofs are very sharp. With them, reindeers can dig out food under snow.
  • Reindeer doesn’t usually like being touched – it’s a forest animal and nobody’s usually there to touch them
  • Male reindeer of Lapland drop their horns (yes, you heard me right, they actually DROP them!) during November and December and they start growing the new ones during the Summer. Female reindeer drop their horn usually right after the new calf is born (during spring)
  • Reindeer horns have a hairy surface and horns are really sensitive during their growth phase. If horns break down, it’s very painful and the loss of blood can lead to the death


2. Relax and feel the comfort in our reindeer sleigh ride

Quiet, smooth and comfortable reindeer sleigh ride in a snowy forest  is almost like an effective relaxation exercise. It helps you to clear out your mind and release stress. Also, when we have children on board, almost always somebody fall asleep 🙂



3. You’ll get a taste of a traditional, snowy and beautiful Finnish pine forest

Reindeer sleigh ride route has downhills and uphills. It’s not uncommon at all to see forest animals, such as squirrels and other reindeers.



4. It starts right at the backyard of Santa’s house

There are many different activities and shops near us.



5. You WON’T feel cold in our beautiful, handmade reindeer sleigh

Want to experience the old Lappish mode of transport? The sleigh we’re using is a traditional, handmade and wooden reindeer sleigh covered with warm reindeer skins. It means you can ride comfortably and without feeling cold even when you’re wearing indoor clothing. Go ahead and jump into our sleigh straight from your shopping trip.

3One sleigh has room for 2 adults and 2 little children.


6. Your family and / or friends will love it!

After the ride you have an opportunity to buy a reindeer driving license. License costs you 7 euros and is valid for the next 5 years.



7. Experience the real Lappish atmosphere sitting by open fire

After the ride you can sit by the open fire where you’ll experience the real Lappish atmosphere..


Check out the pricing and different products we have to offer for you.

You’re very welcome to come and experience the REAL reindeer sleigh ride. Drive to the Arctic Circle, we’re waiting for your at the backyard of Santa’s house. > Reindeer Sleigh Ride