Hiking with the reindeer in summer in Lapland

Enjoy the Lappish nature and beautiful views by the Kemijoki with your friends. Participate this relaxing 3-hours-long hiking tour with the reindeer. The reindeer will carry your packs in a traditional carrying bags placed on their back. We will begin the excursion by walking along the Kemijoki river, where we will try out fishing. After this we will hike up a hill on top of which there is a fire place. We will put up a fire and enjoy Lappish snacks. If you wish to experience something different we can moderate the excursion according to your wishes. We can for example hike a longer tour deeper into the wild nature instead of fishing.




3 – 4 hours

Adults 150 euros /person,
children 80 euros/person (min. 2 adults)

The price includes transportation, the snacks, mosquito repellent, cover in case of rain, fishing equipment. Bring with you the following equipment: shoes and outfit suitable for outdoors (trainer/wellie and e.g shell suit)

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